Mother's Day Sale

Posted by Thomas McKnight Gallery on May 01, 2014 0 Comments

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms around the world! Caribbean Day Dream Suite and Amalfi Coast Suite are on sale now, the perfect gift for that special Mom in your life. FREE SURPRISE Gift with every purchase of a silkscreen print, giclée or painting.

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President's Day Sale, February 17th - February 28th, Silkscreen Prints, Posters and Books!

Posted by Thomas McKnight Gallery on February 17, 2014 0 Comments
Now is the perfect time to pick up a Thomas McKnight Silkscreen Print, Poster or Book. We have incredible sales on many items. Also check out the huge discounts on Etchings and Aquatints. Reduced prices everywhere!!!

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Veteran's Day Sale - Introducing Recently Discovered Original Acrylic Miniature Animal Paintings by Thomas McKnight

Posted by Thomas McKnight Gallery on October 30, 2013 0 Comments

When we recently reorganized Thomas McKnight’s studio we found some wonderful small animal paintings that we thought were lost in a move from Long Island many years ago. These small miniatures are a perfect addition to our existing collection of mini paintings that we currently show on our site. There is a limited quantity and none will ever be made again since they are coming from a collection the artist painted in 1973. Check out our website and find the animal of your choice. These charming paintings are lovingly framed to fit any interior. For further information, call us at 860-618-5441 or contact us at Supplies are limited!

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